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Alligator Coloring Pages for Kids

Does you son or daughter like alligators? Then take a look at the latest set of free printables: Alligator coloring pages for kids.

Turn on the printer.  Download a coloring page. Press print. Grab the crayons and markers, and start coloring!

To download one of the alligator coloring pages, click on the coloring page of your choice. A larger, high res image will load on your browser. Right-click on it, and press “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer. Then open it in an image viewing program, and print it. (If you print directly in your browser, you will also print the website’s url and other browser info.)

Alligator Coloring Pages for Kids

We begin with a realistic illustration of a gator cruising the Okeefenokee swamp in Georgia.

alligator coloring pages for kidsFollowed by a less realistic drawing of a gator who’s caught his grumpy neighbor with his fishing pole. I’m not sure what the educational value of this drawing is, but I hope your kids will think it’s a funny picture. This coloring page is my favorite of the batch.

printable alligator coloring page for kidsNext, here’s a young croc who’s stuck in his shell.

gator coloring pages

A little known fact about alligators: They’re excellent pizza chefs. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the coloring page below.


coloring pages for kids

And finally, our last alligator coloring page features a hungry hungry gator, who’s ready to chow down on his supper. What’s under the dish cover, I wonder? Fish? Chicken? Tofu?

alligator coloring pages for kidsInclude these images in your school project!

If you’re a student who’s working on a school project about alligators, you’re welcome to use these images in a poster, craft or school assignment. Teachers, feel free to use these images for educational, noncommercial purposes.


These alligator coloring pages for kids were illustrated by Tim van de Vall. They are published by Dutch Renaissance Press LLC. Copyright (c) 2014 Dutch Renaissance Press.

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